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It’s a band of 3:

Me (Helena), my daughter and my mum. Each of us have specific responsibilities. The 2-year-old daughter is in charge of being inspiring, with a particular focus on being happy and healthy. My mum secures endless homemade dumplings and 24/7 childcare assist each time she is in London. Nothing would be possible without her.

A band of three

Image: me; my daughter greets Gemma the ugly dog; my happy mum with her fish and chips

As the Director of Hantastic Kids, I make sure everything about this start-up will be seamlessly working and the customers in the UK will find the products and events from Hantastic Kids being of top quality and want more. Over 10 years, I have been working in arts and culture in commercial, educational and charitable settings. Geographically, I floated in areas such as 798 Art Zone in Beijing, Mayfair, Bloomsbury and Chinatown in London in the past. I recently started working for a childcare firm that specialises in bilingualism in the early years of education. Now, I am glad that the anchor of my life (my daughter) took me here to connect cultures and to share my passion in Chinese culture with more children and families in the UK and beyond.

Let’s start learning and have some fun! 


I am selecting educational toys and learning resources that support parents to build bilingualism (Mandarin Chinese and English) in their children. By reading books, playing with toys, creating arts and many other fun activities, children will engage with Chinese language and culture naturally. Children can enjoy a fun and dynamic learning experience with their parents or independently. Each product is handpicked by me with personal reviews. This will help parents to select the most suitable products for their children.

Give back  

This is also the place for me to say thank you to Home Start, a charity that guided me out of the hard time when I just became a new mum. 1% of my profit will be donated to Home Start Barnet, Enfield & Harrow.